Ten reasons to move to the Spanish Costa Blanca

1) For a better quality of life and standard of living.

2) The average temperature is double that of the UK.

3) The World Health Organisation states that it’s one of the healthiest places on earth to live.

4) The climate is so warm, the lifestyle so laid back, it simply makes people happier and boosts the feel good factor. SAD syndrome doesn’t exist.

5) The lifestyle also eliminates stress.

6) The sun naturally supplies Vitamin D (for healthy bones) and Vitamin E (for healthy skin, hair and nails). No expensive supplements required. 

7) The sun helps prevent arthritis. And cure the pain if it set in before moving there.

8) The healthy Mediterranean diet boosts the immune system and also reduces the possibility of heart disease.

9) Property: There’s no value for money in Britland compared to what you can afford in sunny Spain.

10) The Spanish healthcare system is excellent.

So at the end of the day…


The perfect solution for stress, pain, health and happiness.

We thought we were happy with life afloat, till we saw the advantages, and consequently bought a house there. Without arthritis being an issue…

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