In dreamland with feet firmly planted on the ground

It’s a solid place to be in the grand scheme of life, even though strictly speaking we’re walking on water? As stated yesterday, flights back to Spain are booked for the 3rd of November.

So in one paragraph I’ve just about covered everywhere a human being can be on the planet, or near it at any one time.

Months ago Dave was offered a free online account with the airline we use. He set it up, and we’ve been getting some really great deals with all the “extras” built into the cost. Including more kilos per suitcase. Now there’s a thing, being as we’re now part of the exclusive mile high club people in high places fraternity, there’s surprise bonuses. {Excuse pun}

Except we still aren’t allowed in the executive “airport lounge” {tut tut} Costa Coffee is as good as it gets. A celeb with an ego the size of a skyscraper, or corrupt politicians with a personal agenda are welcome. We are but mere plebs going up down the Discount Dude route. No worry’s to us, we’re not holiday makers, we’re home makers…

Two weeks after we get there we’re having all our storage stuff delivered. Just hope the address doesn’t overwhelm their sat nav, it’s a nightmare to remember…

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