Six Months

Yes, being realistic, that’s roughly how long the full moving process from UK to Spain is going to take us. So for now, it’s all about preparation.

We’re already in November’s “countdown to take off” mode. Except there’s a big difference between going on holiday and going there to eventually live… 

I’ve discovered just how essential the meaning of “organisation” can be, when HOME means a slow virtual transition between one country and another. Closing doors here and opening doors there. Trouble is HERE, when one door is slammed shut, another four blow open. Hence why time in the blogosphere is limited at the moment.

Every box on the ever growing list has to be ticked. There’s a lot of them, and remembering where the heck they’re written down is truly painful.

“Oh no, we were supposed to be doing {whatever} today.”

So priorities get taken over by other more immediate priorities, and you end up with a big pile of them sat waiting to scramble the brain. The further we slip behind on the agenda the more stressful it becomes. Even little things that crop up turn into mountains to climb.

I guess we’re lucky in that we can leave one property behind and move back and forth as required. Yet tying up your life for another is a whole different thing. We’re still only at the beginning of the process and it’ll take months to accomplish. Looking on the bright side moving away is much more hassle than moving in.

Ah well, at least I managed to book my hairdo, well come on that’s a priority isn’t it? Hmm… Thing is, being as we’re in such a surreal situation, I forgot it was on one of the days we were supposed to be going up north to visit family and friends.

Oops, ah well we’ll have to put it back a bit…

See what I mean…?

2 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. Have you sold Takey Teasey then, Heth? Sounds as if you're really getting ready to re-locate! It's funny though. When I left the UK for SA all those years ago, we did nothing properly and were there six weeks after we'd decided we'd had enough of the UK. I can't believe how irresponsible we were! This was complete with a three month old baby and a two year old toddler. We had one big garage sale, took the rest of the stuff to the charity shops and left…no money, no home to go to and no job. Nuts! Still I had twenty wonderful years in SA …after the initial teething problems and crises!


  2. Hi Val,

    Well there's a potential sale going through at the moment. But after two different buyers who've backed out because they hadn't thought things through properly. We're not counting our chickens!
    Number 1 paid a deposit. THEN realised they lived too far away from where the boat would be moored. Duh.
    Number 2 lied about finances. House up for sale, we were told they had investments even if the house didn't sell. Turned out it all depended on the sale of their house which fell through….
    Two buyers with heads in cloud cuckoo land and we had to get them lol.
    This time might be different, but we've decided to make Spain our home anyway, whether the boat sells or not. We're leaving her here in the hands of our boat broker…
    Goodbye UK !!!!!

    If a sale went through we don't have to be here in the UK anyway. So we both came to the conclusion we'd rather be in Spain, it makes no odds as far as TT is concerned.
    Being where we want to be means a lot to us though!

    We do realise how fortunate we are to be able to do what we want. Bit hectic here at the mo, still so much to sort and we fly out on 3rd November on a one way ticket! Soon to be followed by all our stuff in storage! It's just our personal stuff because we're leaving the boat fully furnished and we bought our house fully furnished to the highest possible standard. (Wouldn't change anything). Ooo are we a couple of posh snobs or what? lol.

    Thing is, even our personal stuff fills six huge boxes. Plus there's stuff won't go in them like Dave's toolboxes!

    AND they'll never get a huge lorry down our little road. I have a vision of everyone stood in a chain passing it all down from one to the other. Then we'd all have a big party afterwards just for the sake of it lol

    You were very brave when you moved to SA in those circumstances! Being happy is the most important thing.

    Heth xxx


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