Dave’s turn under the bed

I cleared out my half about two weeks ago so all I can say is it’s about time. Oh my, he’s just walked past with two bags full of Christmas decorations, past their sell by date, more bin fodder…

I’ve just remembered how come they all ended up on his side. Once upon a time, a few months ago, I bought something (can’t remember what) and under the bed was a good place for it to live. BUT there wasn’t room, so the Christmas decorations walked across to the other side all by themselves and settled in amidst his stuff. Here ends the lesson on how to keep “your own half” neatly organised…

Aside from the mandatory Christmas tree, they don’t go much for Decorations inside the house in Spain. Mums and dads there have no idea how much painstaking hassle they avoid.

Theirs are all OUTSIDE. Pretty LED lights adorn all the gardens, balustrades, balcony’s, and palm trees. Without the need to hover precariously off a ladder during the dressing process. Not a naff plastic Father Christmas with feet that light up or his reindeers to be seen either…

So that’s it, Merry Christmas.

We’re going over to the marina’s “Boardwalk Boulevard” tonight. It’s the “grand opening” weekend and there’s some fireworks to watch. Could see them from the boat but let’s be social, besides, the posh pub’s open…

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