Attending our last event at Mercia Marina

We went round to the Boardwalk Boulevard last night, and had a good laugh sat outside “The Bistro” pub with another couple from our pier. (Along with about a million other people from far and wide).

This is how it all looks side on from our mooring:


Zoomed in a bit…


Fireworks across the marina later on, looks like they’re over the boats doesn’t it? Well, if they were, that would be one hell of a fireworks display to run away from quick smart…

Not to worry, they were all in a field beyond, nice optical illusion though…

2014-10-11 21.28.16

2014-10-11 21.18.45

Must admit, this had me fooled for a millisecond or two…

2014-10-11 21.20.36

Note to oneself: The camera’s anti-shake control doesn’t work when you’re shivering…

2014-10-11 21.21.30

Oh my, a palm tree…!

 2014-10-11 21.19.56

Perspective from a boat point of view…

2014-10-11 21.21.54 

2014-10-11 21.27.05

Thing is, the front of “The Boardwalk” doesn’t have a view over the majority of the marina, as seen from the photos at the top taken from the back end of TT. The good ship is parked up a fair way over yonder to the RHS of the fireworks, somewhere thus —–>

After two days of festivities and some good live bands playing, “The Boardwalk” will be officially declared open later today by the local MP. Her first name is Heather, nice name that, pleased to meet ya…

In my opinion it’s a very impressive place, with the bar / restaurant and a few little shops giving it a cosmopolitan aura. There’s plenty of areas to sit outside which also gives it the outdoor appeal. Sadly that’ll only happen for but a few warm days per year in this country. So I might take it with me to Spain where it looks like it belongs…

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