Forever Friends

One of the most important things in life is good friends, and we’re lucky enough to have some wonderful friends who mean a great deal to us. That’s where we’ve been this week, staying with them and having a great time together. Between us, we’re like four peas in a pod, or four pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit together perfectly.

They live over 100 miles away, soon to be 1600, but miles don’t matter. Meet up in person, and we just pick up where we left off, and ALWAYS WILL. Perhaps we’re lucky, perhaps fate brought us together, either way such close friendships don’t often happen. We have many dear friends scattered hither and thither, but it’s rare to find another couple who feel like brother and sister.

All four of us are totally on the same wavelength and have the exact same daft sense of humour. Two nights running we were up till 4am in the morning! Time flies when you’re so engrossed in fun filled conversation! And that conversation can be about anything and everything.

And it’s priceless…

And I’m knackered…


We also visited family and went out for a nice meal. There were but a few of us in total, because both our family’s live the length and breadth of the UK – and beyond. Uniting everyone in one place at the same time is nigh on impossible.

Goodbye’s? Nah, not ever…

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