Torture and Tuition

Some friends who live about three miles away, (as the crow parrot flies) from our house in Spain emailed us today. They very kindly informed us they’d seen the news about the back end of this hurricane “thing” sitting over the UK. Oh, and also, as a matter of fact…

It’s still holding up at a steady 30 degrees C there in October. So our house is bathed in sunshine with a two mile an hour wind. (Wind?) But we’re not there…

Sounds petty, except if “one” owns a place in the sun ( and “one” is stuck even temporarily in battered Britland it hurts. It also physically hurts if “one” ventures outside away from the warmth of the boat. Call me soft, I don’t care.

Talking of “A Place In The Sun” TV series, our estate agents were interviewed on an episode aired here a couple of nights ago! Dave was sat in the bedroom watching footy, and I’m shouting “HEY DAVE, IT’S ROB AND DEBS, QUICK, COME HERE!”

{Rewinds to the start} There we were like two little kids waving at the screen. I checked the date at the end, and it was filmed just a month after we bought the house through their agency. Blimey, we’d been sat outside a restaurant eating a meal with them but a couple of weeks before they gained celeb status.

Just think, if circumstances hadn’t dictated a flight back to Britland for us, we could’ve negotiated our way into being two fine examples of very happy customers on nationwide TV. “Heth and Dave,” the infamous famous clients. As for the bottle of champagne we inherited before they handed over the keys,, we’re saving that till we’ve sold the boat…

So, film rights for a documentary maybe? A biography? Sod that, a media scrum would be much more complex to deal with than the buying process itself. Hassle in Spain is alien to us. We have confidence that jumps over, and crosses the Pyrenees because of it. (Poetry in motion without being smug).

Rob and Debs also gave us the right contacts in our area to be capable of achieving the full process of ownership without uncertainty. Which includes being present and correct with the local council, and Madrid for paperwork. They certainly earned their percentage with legalities, and provided us with an excellent solicitor / accountant to make our dream a reality.

Just one thing left, untangle life in the UK which no-one else can help with, and that process is a true pain in the ass…

People are led to believe that buying a property and moving to Spain is a minefield. Believe me:

  • It’s only such if the correct research hasn’t been done properly.
  • It’s only such if the correct LEGAL contacts haven’t been sourced properly.

Basically you’re not going to get ripped off, provided you’re not trying to rip off. The latter of which includes being naive, which to me is just plain lazy and asking for trouble.

The media here prey on a good old sob story of UK expats and their property being bulldozed in Spain. However, in reality it’s a dream that fell apart of their own making. A very small minority they are too, but it makes headline news here when someone’s house is torn down. Nothing is mentioned about the fact that it was illegally built in the first place.

Look at it from the UK government’s point of view. Leak half a story to the plebs, and they might think twice about fleeing Britland for a life in the sun. No mention of the superior quality of life either.

Proof of the pudding:

Vice Versa, just ask a Spanish national if they’d move to the UK for any reason, and they’d politely try and prevent you noticing the wry smirk… Before (also politely) stating NO.

Why? Well, without getting all political about it, or turning into a weather forecaster, or comparing quality of life and family values, or space per person, just guess…

To be fair both country’s share something in common literally, the meaning of the word NO. In reality it couldn’t be further apart…

So for anyone debating a move to southern Costa Blanca:

Rob and Debs family run business is here.

Meanwhile Heth’s Delicate Orange Grove of info is, well, on here…

Re: This over-populated island: It took us 1 hour 40 minutes to get from the other side of Blackpool to Leyland (near Preston) when we were visiting family and friends last week. All of 20 miles tops…

We’d forgotten what “sheer volume of traffic” was all about, and we missed being able to say goodbye to my sister because of it…

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