Saying goodbye to Tesco

According to recent reports the place is successfully saying goodbye to itself anyway… However today was our turn. No more Tesco Trauma, oh, bliss. We don’t intend to shop there ever again, even when we’re back here in the near future. Unfortunately, for the time being the UK is still home. But we’re trying our best to keep it brief…

So whilst stood at the checkout, the cashier gave me a coupon for £5.00 off my next shop when I spend £30.00 or more… Cheesy grin at the fact that it’s not an option. It could be when we return, but by choice it won’t.

“Save it and give it to someone else” Says me.

The look of shock / horror on her face was a picture. Surprised smile

I stated we won’t be using Tesco again, because we’re in the long, slow, “back and forth” process of moving to Spain. {Where only clever supermarkets live} No, I didn’t spout forth the latter, my brain just reminded me. {And when we come back to tie up loose ends soon, we still won’t be shopping at Tesco for supplies} No, I didn’t spout that forth either. By this time she couldn’t help but smile, then:

“So you’re going there on holiday then?”

“No, we’re amidst the in between bit of moving there for good.” {Did I not make that clear the first time?}

“So you’re going there for a few months then? You’ve got somewhere to stay?”

{No we’re living in a tent on a beach. I could be having this conversation for the rest of my life…}

“We have a house there…”

“Oh wow!” And the smile turned to awe, think perhaps her daytime quota in dreamland had been well and truly fulfilled…

Poor girl, she’ll be chained to a till, swiping stuff and listening to screaming kids for the rest of her working life… Ah yes, the little darlings were there in droves today, along with their exasperated mum’s buying costumes and other paraphernalia for Halloween. All of it bunged in the same aisle as Christmas cards, tinsel, and wobbly things to hang on trees. Two for the price of one. Well I had to get that in somewhere…

So after a hard days strife buying food till the day we fly to Spain, we came back to paperwork and more paperwork, phone calls and more phone calls. The list goes on and on in the transfer window of opportunity still not achieved.

As far as the supermarket experience goes, there’s absolutely no comparison to ‘Appy Aldi” in the sun. Where you sit outside a local bar for a drink / snack first, or after…

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