Never mind the birthday card

This particular David here might be marinating in his own juices:  


But MY David is MANAGING to juggle plates full of “To Do” lists that just grow and grow. 

And this is me, also marinating managing to juggle a Vodka Sprite…

2014-08-25 17.23.10

In reality of the present tense, we’re BOTH on a joint (yes, joint) juggling mission revolving round six words as follows: TO GET US OUT OF HERE. Back where I was in this photo, giving the universal cheers sign in the sun…

So yesterday we wrapped up the storage locker {excuse pun} too late now to add any more knickers. It’s all being moved today to the equivalent of a “secure prison for boxes” awaiting transit, under lock and key. One of our friends asked us seriously not seriously: “Why don’t you use your own good ship TT for, um, shipping purposes…?”

Well, good in theory. Except there’s no other way to get to the Med except down the Atlantic coastline. Estuary’s are fine for canal boats provided you’re brilliant at manipulating 20 odd tons of solid steel. We’ve done it ourselves. But cruel seas? No. We’d all end up at the bottom of the ocean, us, TT, and our shipment of unmentionables. Try claiming on the insurance for that lot? Well there’s just two tiny problems, we wouldn’t be available to fill in the forms, and canal boats aren’t covered for sea going journeys…

The only upside to actually reaching said destination in a canal boat is that the Spanish would go absolutely overboard about it, even if we ourselves hadn’t done so along the way. We’d finally reach celeb status, been teetering on the edge of it for a fair while now…

However, the mooring fees for sitting amidst luxury yachts in a marina there would probably be just a tad too much. Millionaire status only. Unless the locals raised the funds for two Brits living on a “novelty boat” and a relatively tight budget, forget it… On second thoughts TV royalty’s might nurse the purse, hmm.

Newsflash: There is a canal in Spain, yes really! Just the one (that I know of), and it’s quite long too. Looks a bit like one of our rivers without waves and with neatly ironed edges. Oh, and the water’s deep blue as opposed to boring brown.

I’ve forgot exactly where it is, but remembered it’s nowhere near us. Plus it only caters for fast moving three storey high jobby’s with black windows. Blimey, imagine the traffic jam we’d create, be the equivalent of 24/7 on roads in the UK, only without any potholes.

Yes, be it roads or canals they don’t do potholes in Spain. Smooth black tarmac or smooth blue water are true wonders to behold for us Brits…

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