Oops that wasn’t part of the plan

The original plan was to chop the car in on Thursday, which would leave us just three days with shank’s pony. Not a problem. By that time it’ll be “chaos afloat” anyway. All other “To Do” lists wouldn’t involve any mileage, and we’d go out for meals. We had it all sussed, or so we thought… 

Dave had to take our four wheel mode of transport in this afternoon with a big long list of documents. ID (and the rest) to make arrangements for handing it over. We were also told the deal only lasts till tomorrow…

Amendment: Later on we sat down, went through the figures and came to the conclusion it was a good deal. Tuesday / Thursday, at this point in time we really couldn’t be bothered. Aside from that, it means the money will be in the bank before we go. Right day for us convenience wise would mean paying bank fees for a direct transfer… 

Conclusion: Seeing as the boat doesn’t have wheels it means we’ll officially be marooned for five days. Again, might be inconvenient but who cares…

So I can now recommend www.webuyanycar.com as a great convenient place to chop your car in. 

Note: If you’ve noticed I’m knocking off a day in my countdown to sunshine. It’s because we’re doing the night flight at silly o’ clock in the morning, which would officially be classed as still part of Sunday night. [Keep up] So we won’t see Monday here amidst the gloom of daylight at all, which is a bonus to the soul.

But having done this night flight several times, sleep in late on Sunday morning and that’s it. No more shut eye till after touchdown and taxi transfer, which takes us to Monday afternoon in Spain…

Well worth the effort of an all nighter though, call it “Happy Hassle.”

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