The Spectacular Backdrop for a Comedy of Errors

Looks like someone could just step over onto the roof, except the gap is deceptively large. A pole vault over the water would probably end up being extremely painful in some very extreme places… 



Silly Phrase of the Day:


Timescale is now becoming a big issue.

In hindsight, the past couple of weeks have passed by in a scrappy, yet orderly fashion. Planned things haven’t always gone to plan because “Today’s To Do list” often spilled over into tomorrow’s. But amazingly it’s all worked out fairly well, even if we didn’t think so at the time.

However, the past couple of days have been a stark contrast.

  • Written ’To Do” lists don’t work anymore. Jobs still to be carried out are forced to remain within the confines of the brain whilst at the same time staying sane. Method in madness?
  • We now have deadlines that last 24 hours without wiggle room.
  • Multi-Tasking is required as a must have talent, because each task turns into an octopus.
  • Hearing loss: As all us women know, men just aren’t capable of multi-tasking with a successful outcome. Bless him he tries, but get beyond juggling two jobs at the same time and there’s always a component missing. Pass on some timely advice and he suddenly requires a hearing aid. Get noticed when hovering and one hears “Look, just leave me alone will ya?”

Last but not least there’s a HUGE spectre hanging above us both, yes really, there he sits on the roof waiting patiently for 3.30am in the dead of tomorrow night…

Waiting patiently for us to cock up lock up without a set of keys…

Waiting patiently for the Yale lock to go “CLICK” never mind the door bolts after, the first “CLICK” is enough. No going back…

Waiting patiently to hear those jaw dropping words: “OH MY GOD, WE’VE FORGOTTEN THE {something very important}”

“It’s your fault”

“No, it’s your fault”

“Never mind that, what the f*ck are we going to do???”

Spectre: “Ha, Ha, Ha, well I’ve never had such a bloody good laugh for ages, you’ve made my YEAR. Tatty Bye.”


So tonight is our last night “asleep” aboard the good ship TT. We’ve had our fair share of TRULY BIZZARE moments in life, but this has to take the number one spot. Extremely weird dreams in store then…


Note: I think perhaps the following nonsense may be my last entry in the good ship’s log of overheard conversations, re “the boating sort,” by someone who knows nothing of the sort…

Two blokes stood in a pub stood at the back end of TT this morning, one asks the questions, the other is a fountain of knowledge:

“Look at that one there, it’s wider than the others.”

“Yes, some of them are wider than others.”

“So is that a narrowboat?”

“I don’t think so.”

“So what do they call them then?”

“I don’t know.”

“A narrowboat wouldn’t fit in the gap at the side would it?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Do you think they could take that one out on the sea?”

“I’m not sure about that, maybe.”

“Oh look there’s somebody on it!”

{Somebody who could easily answer the questions correctly, plus more, but couldn’t be bothered} Ignorance is bliss, and listening to it can be highly entertaining…

Recent Update: While I’ve been cleaning the bathroom today without anything of particular interest to report, Dave’s been cleaning the oven. (We work in perfect harmony provided we’re in different rooms). He’s using that foam stuff which has to be cooked on a high temperature left to sit for 20 minutes.

The oven timer started beeping, so I asked if we were having a foam roast for tea.

“Well I had to take my watch off to do the job, so I set the timer instead.”

Brilliant! He’s learning to multi-task at last…!

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