On the Home Run Now!

Take off time: 14 hours and counting…

Temperature in East Midlands, UK for 3rd November:


Temperature in Alicante, Spain for 3rd November:


No contest at any time of year…


Somehow, amidst all the drama of today we’ve got to make time for the firework display at the marina, (that’s a 6pm take off). Can’t work out if it’s for Halloween or Bonfire night, perhaps both seeing as it’s midway between.

However, there could be another much more timely reason. A big send off for Heth and Dave, or just glad to get shut?! Hmm… No confusion there then.

Got that brill song going round in my head by Lenny Kravitz:

“I want to get away, I want to get away. I wanna fly away, yeh, yeh, yeh.

Let’s fade into the sun, let your spirit fly, where we are one, just for a little fun, oh yeh, yeh, yeh”

Oh alright then, will do…

Click ye here for the full song with truly awesome video.


Adios me amigos,

Nos vemos en la soleada Espana…

Open-mouthed smileSunOpen-mouthed smile 

2 thoughts on “On the Home Run Now!

  1. Well after all that we still did not see to much of you two at Mercia. Meant to come round with a bottle of el-vino collapso and to let Mags practice her ef-fluent spanglish on you. Full of good intentions we are.

    Had a few sad days of our own to contend with – family member with his own young family diagnosed after two years of inconclusive hospital visits as being terminally ill.

    And we lost the old dog (I was her full time carer) due to a stroke.

    So onward and in your case upwards as you wing your way to the warmth. Enjoy the new life and think of the old unshaven Compo and the battle axe Nora now and again as you quaff another sangria or four. 😉

    PS your blog is reported by my anti-virus software as being unsafe again.

    Take care – maybe we will see you next year as we intend to rent a place in Spain for the winter.


  2. Hi Mike,
    So sorry we had no time to pop round, and more important for you the sad news about a family member. From experience we know the hell of what that's like. In our case a family member who was far too young..

    We have no excuse for not sharing a bottle with you, but by the end of each ultra stressful day the best both of us could do was sit in front of the TV and watch dross. Not like us at all, we were both truly weary, even when we saw you we were at that stage.
    Not everything goes on the blog but we'd been played good style, twice with 2 buyers who'd pulled out and dragged us on for months on end because they were in dreamland and hadn't thought things through, except after the deposit was paid.
    The new buyer is supposed to complete in mid November but after the stress of waiting for months on end (each)with 2 other dickheads, we hope, but basically couldn't give a shit now we're here at home in Spain. Forms have been signed and submitted to New and Used. The good ship is now moored in front of the boardwalk and we don't ever have to pay mooring fees again.

    Even on the night we were flying here to Spain (3rd Nov) it was mostly taken up with getting the boat pristine and immaculate, (again) rather than packing suitcases being priority. Unbelievable.
    We had to cater for (potentially) the sale falling through and beyond that a new buyer seeing a pristine boat when we ain't there.

    Good grief over the past couple of days at home here in Spain we've finally been able to relax for the first time this year. (Bliss)

    Perhaps it could be said we're lucky being able to afford two properties in two different countries, but stress wise, till a sale goes through the stress price is paid. Except, perhaps ironically, ALL the stress lies in the UK. Spain is stress free provided you've done the research and have the right contacts to live here…

    And we don't mind paying 7% to New and Used (on a sale)so we can be where we want to be here at our casa in Spain.

    At the end of the day, Luck doesn't come into it, staying within means and reality does.
    True True True.

    We've learned the hard way, but still it's been worth it.

    True happiness always comes at a cost. But at the end of the day the carrot on the stick is worth it.

    So here I sit, outside the house, 21 degrees, 10.20pm in November writing my message to you…

    Heth & Dave. xx

    PS: As a boater who isn't disillusioned with life afloat MM is the best place to be…

    Farewell to our friends on Pier Q was emotional, even though we'd already moved on to a better life for us.


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