Delayed Delivery

Got a phone call yesterday to inform us that the shipping company couldn’t deliver our unmentionables valuables till 21st November. Never believe admin when they use the words hopefully or probably in a sentence with ref to your own convenience, after you’ve paid up for it too.

  • First visit to the office: {Upon payment} “It’ll probably be there within the first week.”
  • Second visit to the office: “Hopefully it’ll be there within two weeks.”

Phone call yesterday: “I know it’s a bit later than you would’ve liked, but it’ll definitely be the 21st.”

Conclusion: Only the word DEFINITELY gives “one” HOPEFUL reassurance that it will PROBABLY be right…


Meanwhile in the here and now, Dave’s sat watching footy on TV. Nothing unusual about that, except from a time travel perspective it’s quite fascinating: 

He’s an English bloke in Spain, watching his favourite team (Spurs), play a Greek team (in Greece) on live TV from Britland… Simple.

We get all Brit TV channels here without any problems, no need for a satellite dish the size of a spaceship either. Ours is mounted neatly on a wall somewhere up on high. I’d paint a big smiley face on it if it didn’t mean risking life and limb.

In other news: Earlier today I unintentionally killed my hairdryer. It wouldn’t switch on, still managed to let out a gentle fart though, and then died in my arms. So I went outside and let the sun do the same job instead…

Note: That big yellow thing in the sky also comes in handy for drying nail varnish too. (Excuse pun).

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