Some Are Five Foot Tall

Guided tour of half the garden, taken in the shade of the house today while the sun was going down, no messing with exposure required…

My “outsize” OUTDOOR rubber plant…


Baby Palm…


Another kind of palm…


Stone trough number one…


Stone trough number two…


Lilies with huge white flowers in summer…







For obvious reasons I feel the need to apologise to all Brits and northern Europeans who read this blog, and live amidst the cloud equivalent of smog… Smug? No. Smog? No.

24 degrees C all day, no wind, a pleasant walk, wearing T shirt and leggings that felt too hot to wear. (Really got it wrong!) Just the truth, no elaboration required…

On the way back we met up with a Spanish neighbour of ours, greetings as usual, her speaking broken English and us speaking broken Spanish. Just so polite and natural…


So as from today, this blog has been renamed from “Somewhere Between All Or Nothing” (thankfully that doesn’t apply anymore) to “Two Brits in Spain” which is substantially more appropriate now.

Oh, and we ourselves have been renamed too:

Heather = “Ettierrrra” and David = “Daveeda”

As for “Heth” well that’s still to be discovered and assessed. Could well turn out to be a “Hetty.” 

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