Health and Happiness

I’ve never been overweight, but the last few months of stress in the UK have taken their toll on my digestive system something chronic. This could be classed as “Too Much Information” but I’m going to say it anyway.

We both kept up the Med diet, (far inferior as it was over there). So I didn’t put on any weight, however the sheer burden of hassle thrown at us gave me IBS. My insides constantly felt like they were tied up in knots and going to the loo was almost impossible! It even remained like that while we were here in Spain this summer, still not knowing what our future would be, yet knowing too well where we wanted to be, while life at the time wouldn’t allow us to settle. Limbo is not a pleasant place to exist.

In an effort to put things to rights I started drinking green tea about 2 months before we came here. No difference. So I ended up taking a mild laxative as well. It sort of worked but meant I was going to the loo about three times a day! Well it was better than the other option, but didn’t help with screwed up intestines and feeling like a bloated whale.

When we arrived here last Monday, during the first couple of days I began to notice a vast improvement. No need for laxatives anymore, and I’m keeping up the green tea simply because it’s so good for us humans. (Clearing out waste and restoring PH values to neutral, same effect as natural yoghurt). The bloated feeling has gone and my insides are working properly again.

Just shows the effect stress can have on the body, and the restorative properties when it’s disappeared.

I didn’t realise the difference being bloated can have on body shape, till I looked in the mirror yesterday. I look like I’ve lost a stone in just a few days, and doing more exercise is nicely cultivating the “toned look” already. Back to a happy skinny size ten, without balloons hither and thither.

For us ladies, I’ve discovered the bloated IBS problem also affects thighs and bums along with tums… Deflate one and the others comply. Returning to normal shape, I’m now bordering on a healthy size 8 (without bubbles) as before…

Living proof that lifestyle is cause, and cure…

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