Remembrance Sunday In Spain

Today we watched the parade and remembered, and felt proud to be British.

Of course all the Brits here feel the same, our armed forces put the GREAT back into Britain when hardly anything else can nowadays. There are Help for Heroes and British Legion charity boxes in every English restaurant and bar here. We gave our own donation yesterday, and placed our poppies on the wall of the house outside. 

During the second world war General Franco “sat on the fence.” Almost acting as a double agent, he made a fragile agreement with Hitler that he wouldn’t join the allied forces, provided Spain wasn’t invaded. He, (himself a dictator) obviously wasn’t convinced the German tyrant would stick to his word, and posted troops all along the border with France in readiness. However he also knew that if the worst happened and Spain was invaded, there weren’t enough Spanish troops at the time to defend the country…

A little known fact is that the Spanish people took in, cared for, and hid many escaped prisoners of war. Under the circumstances they did the best they could without recognition…




For those who fought and survived, for our serving troops of today and the injured, we sincerely honour you all, forever…

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