The New Wireless Printer

The need to print off documents at the moment is of great importance. There’s paperwork flying back and forth “in the ether” nearly every day. We might not be in limbo anymore, so transition is a better way to describe where things stand at the moment.

Over the past few months we’ve been handed and granted enough official documents from Spain to the UK, and back again, to create a paper mountain about 4 foot high. I kid ye not. Fortunately there’s a decent filing system going on in there, has to be, else we might end up living in a shack somewhere in the Sahara desert.

So today was the day to set up the new wireless printer, and catch up with all those red flagged emails containing .pdf files that haven’t been brought down to planet earth yet.

Our “wireless” printer in the UK only ever worked when it was well and truly “wired.” So today’s installation procedure came as a pleasant surprise. Relatively easy, except for the bit where it successfully connected to our home network, then had a wobble about speaking to a laptop (with drivers present and correct). No worries, one of the default settings required a slap up the backside, and it got one.

When that was sorted we had to wade through 3 email addresses, each with red flagged emails hither and thither. Not a problem till something that should’ve been red flagged hadn’t been… That’s the point where paranoia about having missed anything else crops up, and a thorough search through each one that might be relevant is required. Yawn.

It took longer to go through that lot than it did to set up the printer… It’s a wonder to behold when you can hit “PRINT” from up on the roof terrace, and the chosen documentation prints itself off two storeys below…

Another bonus here is that a new printer comes with FULL ink cartridges as opposed to less than half empty one’s, and it could all be set up in English, with Spain as the target host. It even has a touch screen interface that’s more technically advanced than Windows 8. Which isn’t that difficult to achieve…

Surprisingly Dave’s got his head round his Windows 8 laptop quicker than me, and I’ve evolved around computer admin since the days of yore DOS. Any new laptop of mine in the future will be stripped back to nothing, and reinstalled with boxed Version 7, till M$ stops doing Service Packs…

I digress,, we’ll be visiting our solicitor soon to go through a couple of things that involve reams of paperwork. Who knows, not long after that we could be sifting through even more, and removing him as power of attorney in our absence…

In other news (there’s lots of it). Dave’s going to buy a car after Christmas sometime. He reckons it’ll have to be an automatic, then he doesn’t have to deal with gear shift when going round a roundabout the wrong way!    


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