The Invisible Postman

Poor bloke, imagine trying to deliver a birthday card past this lot:

Locked,, so OUCH, with cactuses attached too, makes your eyes water…


Same goes for the tradesman’s entrance, minus cactuses…


See how high up the ground floor is from the road? Excuse masking tape round the electricity box, the maintenance guys have just painted it…


Plus it’s winter, so we’ve got the “lux con” down. Now there’s a phrase I haven’t used for a while… Might be 18 degrees, but “one” has to keep the gentle sea breeze out…


The curly staircase…


Spanish front doors don’t do letterboxes, and even worse for Mr Postman, if he could get to it, they have wrought iron gates too. So god knows why there’s a knocker thing sat on the door…


Told you I’d post a photo of the whole house sometime, except I can’t fit it all in…


To be fair we have a lock box down the end of the road stuffed in a recessed wall somewhere along with everyone else’s, and that’s where Mr Postman delivers to… However, it’s no good for the likes of parcels! So we each have our own Post Office address too, which is used as the main one.

Gets a bit complicated when trying to relay it all to friends and family, in Spanish of course… Blimey, we’ve only just managed to remember the two and we (almost) live here! 

All this security in a place where there’s no crime. On the other hand, 99% of Brit houses definitely require such high standards, and haven’t got it. How ironic…


Broken News: We saw on TV earlier that part of the M25 has fallen down a HUGE pothole and (as usual) the authorities have blamed the weather… You really couldn’t make this stuff up could you?

There was I, innocently thinking I’d escaped ever having to mention that word pothole on here, again. Amen.

However, it now appears that not only does a car’s suspension risk being damaged, the driver also risks being swallowed up hole whole by one…

The Spanish do actually have a word for “pothole” even though they don’t have any potholes to speak of. Hence, being as there’s no requirement for it to be a topic of social interaction with one’s peers, I suspect it’s gradually been phased out of general usage.

Blame the weather…

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