Someone asked me if we got bored with life afloat?

No, we didn’t…

Circumstances changed, the opportunity for yet another different lifestyle came along, and two years research later we went for it. You’re only here once so make the leap if you can.

Years ago several people asked why we would want to sell the house and move onto a boat? Friends and family were aghast. They couldn’t understand why.

Back then, circumstances were different, we were actually looking for something else. The kids had flown the nest with their successful careers and we didn’t want to sit and stagnate. There were options, ideal and dreamy, but none were realistic at the time.

The best we could think of was to downsize from suburban sprawl to a smaller house in the countryside. While we were pondering on that, and quite by accident, another option presented itself.

After a walk down the towpath one day, we stopped off at a marina cafe for a snack. There before us sat a boat with “For Sale” signs in the windows, it was wider than the other canal boats, more of a “floating home.” People were ogling, but for reasons unknown to us we wanted to know more. So we asked, got the guided tour and stayed chatting about life afloat for four hours! (Question and answer time).

The boat was only just over a year old, but due to their own circumstances, (which I won’t go into detail about), the owners had to reluctantly move back to dry land.

After we digested everything we’d learned, we also worked out the amount of space we actually USED in our house was about the same size as on the boat. Beyond that we were smitten. This “home” was in a rural marina, and it could move about to other rural places.

For one fleeting moment we had already considered a narrowboat, but decided it would be too cramped a space to actually live in. What with miniature appliances and miniature furnishings. No, not for us.

But this was different, full size everything and comfortable living, so we made the leap. Even now, with the good ship up for sale, we’ll never forget the friends we’ve made and the fun we’ve had aboard our boat.


Sollom Fav Spot (196)

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Bunch of nutters…

2011-11-29 23.14.43

Regrets? None…

Memories? Millions…


  • When we moved from house to boat, we were looking for something new.
  • Moving from boat to house in Spain? We weren’t looking for anything at the time, the idea of it just happened and for no particular reason. (Except the abysmal weather). 

Both these major life changes have been the right choice at the right time for us. The start of each new adventure captured the phrase:

“We can do this!”

It’s been a privilege to have experienced and enjoyed a laid back, unconventional lifestyle aboard a boat. Now we have a similarly laid back lifestyle to look forward to in a different country, with a beautiful house in THE SUN!!! Another HUGE leap this time. However, we have no intention of ever looking for, or not looking for anything else ever again…!

2 thoughts on “Someone asked me if we got bored with life afloat?

  1. Its funny how people view times differently. Our lasting memories of the last few years have been great holidays with great friends and great weather!

    Mind you we don't live on board as of yet so we tend to view our time afloat as a holiday.

    Hopefully that will change in just a few short years if our plans come together.

    I hope you enjoy your new lifes in Spain and that it turns out to be all that you are hoping for 🙂


  2. Hi Cal,

    Yes we had some great times, especially with friends. There's been many a golden moment!

    I hope you too can attain your dream for the future.

    There's part of every day here that feels like holiday. Even though there's the likes of housework to do!



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