The Unmentionables Get Another Mention

Status Update:

There is a route, (just the one), to get everything almost to our door, so here’s part of it…

As you can see, the lorry driver will have to use extreme due care and attention to avoid oncoming traffic. Whilst at the same time delicately manoeuvring along some very w-i-d-e, beautifully tarmacked minor roads, WITHOUT ANY POTHOLES.

Sometimes three cars go past here together, it’s the Spanish equivalent of a traffic jam… 


Oh look, cars parked up…!


Further on, none…


Now this bit should be simple, you know when giving directions people say, “Just go straight across the roundabout and…”


End of the road for big trucks…


Even if Britain could afford such high standards anywhere, or had the room for such wide roads, they’d still be gridlocked and grotty…

3 thoughts on “The Unmentionables Get Another Mention

  1. We are lucky. Sheffield City Council is currently about 5 years into a 10 year plan to repair and resurface every road and footpath in the city and all street lights are being replaced with modern LED lanterns that don't throw light pollution around.

    It' been a bit of a pain with road closures but now you can really start to tell the difference with fewer pot holes, white lining you can see, less light pollution.

    Within the next few years Sheffield will be a joy to drive around.


  2. Hi Cal,

    All well and good, but there's still 5 years to go, by that time (guaranteed) it'll all need doing again. Probably before.

    If there is a (temporary) improvement as you say, what about when you go beyond Sheffield?

    It's a loss leader, about as convincing as warm sunshine there.

    Not possible!

    They were “improving” the M6 near where we lived, on going for about 10 years. Each section descended into potholes within 18 months…

    Long lasting quality just isn't possible in the UK. (Except if you're near London). Can say that about almost everything. Don't be fooled into thinking, sorry, hoping otherwise, corners will be cut.



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