Look Who I Found Whilst I Was Lost

We were in “Al Campo” yesterday at the mall. The place is “sort of” attached to it round the back. It must be the one of the BIGGEST supermarkets in the world. So BIG it’s sometimes difficult to actually locate what you’re looking for, and when you finally reach the correct aisle the choice is overwhelming.

Get yourself lost in there and it would probably take a fair while to find yourself again.

Get split up from your other half without a mobile phone and there’s not much chance of finding each other on the same day. It has happened, thankfully both our phones were charged up at the same time.

Meantime you try not to look lost, oh the embarrassment of looking like a “newbie” walking round in awe. It’s not even like you can say “I’ll meet you in the middle aisle” because there’s three of them, each half a mile long go the full width of the place.

Anyway, as we were walking down the wrong aisle yesterday, guessing pot luck at the aisle we should be in, I noticed this little fellow sat on a shelf saying “Please take me home with you!” So I couldn’t resist:

He’s called Ben and is now in charge of a leather settee…


Good job we’ve got another one for us to sit on then. So:

  • In Britland we had Tesco Trauma. A truly mind numbing experience.
  • In Spain we have Al Campo Confusion.

However, the latter option is much more like fun than stress. It comes to a point where you even find yourself stood next to something on the shopping list, that you haven’t got round to searching for yet. Thing is, it works both ways, you also find yourself stood next to something NOT on the list, but it still goes in the trolley. Hmm. (I’m told they have “an app a bit like a map” for the place).

The aisles can be compared to the roads here, in this case, far too w-i-d-e for the amount of foot traffic. So there’s no crashing into trolleys, or pile ups, or the risk of injury, and wonky trolleys don’t exist.

No contest, besides if displacement does occur, I know where to find the clothing section… 

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