Oops, Should’ve Known Better

When it’s 25 degrees C and the sun is beating down, it’s not a good idea to sit outside a bar and drink even one vodka and coke… Especially here in Spain, where a measure is three times more than in Britain. It’s the “proper” Smirnoff too, not the fake stuff, and costs less…

“One” can be tempted into thinking all those lovely big chunks of ice will water it down, wrong! I already know this, Spirits and Sun DON’T MIX. So why did I fall for it yesterday like a naive holidaymaker might? For some reason I threw caution to the wind, (except there was no wind).

And paid for it later…

First of all my legs went akimbo when I “stood up” to leave, so whilst flopping back into the chair I nearly took the table with me. The French people sat next door were most concerned, and Dave had to help me get upright again. I didn’t feel embarrassed at the time, but did later! The walk back home was painfully slow and my high heels felt like they were knotted together with a piece of string. Lesson learned, NEVER again, blimey, didn’t think “just the one” could have such an effect.

And then another bizarre thing happened, we found a dead snake, (Dave will verify that I wasn’t seeing things). Not far from the “how to show yourself up” place there’s a field full of wild plants. On a couple of occasions I’ve said to Dave “I bet that place is crawling with snakes.” And sure enough, one of them had slithered out of it’s comfort zone. Perhaps it’d also been down the bar for a glass or two and paid the ultimate price… Tell you what, if it had moved I’d have run all the way back, legs and heels in knots or knot not.

So just out of interest, I asked Mr Google if it meant anything. See a dead black snake, the human mind wanders into the realms of alarm and dismay.

Turns out it’s all about “rebirth” into a new place, powers of creativity and wisdom, symbols of change and healing. All very apt really:

  • We’ve rebirthed ourselves in a new place which is a huge symbol of change.
  • Healing, yes in a way, swapping the shackles of the UK for a better life elsewhere.
  • Creativity? Perhaps I’ll take up knitting jumpers whilst sat outside a bar in the sun. Fortunately there’s not much demand for them here so scrap that idea… (Phew).

I had to laugh at one story I read: A woman found a dead snake in her garden, she was advised that being as it was a brown one, it was a sign from the earth to take up creative gardening… {Sod that my dear, leave it to turn into a jungle} Where there’s one, there’s more and all that…


Our “Stuff” should be winging it’s way (by road) in a southerly direction by now. Wouldn’t surprise me if traffic congestion means it takes longer to drive from the midlands to Dover, than it does to drive through the whole of France and Spain. I bet lorry drivers everywhere heave a sigh of relief once they get to this side of the channel.

I kid ye not, last time we did the “midlands to the south coast crawl” it was over six hours of a job. Two accidents (gridlock) and a 30-50mph limit most of the way due to sheer volume of traffic. Oh and road works without workmen. The Sat Nav was going bonkers and it was just an average week day.

Which reminds me, we should’ve had a phone call by now to let us know what time they’ll get here tomorrow. Will they get here tomorrow…?

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