The Long And The Short Of It

Well would you believe this, all our personal stuff was delivered yesterday, and the driver of the sixty foot long arctic lorry actually managed to back it down the little road to our door…! Amazing, at one point he was less than a foot away from a garden wall, at the hairiest moment his mate on the right there was stood between the two shouting “Whoa!” It was literally an inch by inch manoeuvre:

Tight or what…?


Took some skill that…



The first of our boxes ready to be hauled into it’s new home, far away from where it’s come from…


Too big a delivery vehicle for such a small load? We were sharing it with with several other people escaping from Britain for a better life. (Basically it was cheaper to do it that way).


Needless to say there was one small hitch, nothing’s ever straightforward when Heth and Dave are involved. Drama always finds it’s way in, even though the door to that kind of hassle is firmly closed.

For quite some time the lorry driver couldn’t find us… Phone calls flying back and forth, he’d gone too far inland. So from way beyond the costa here, he needed a point of reference. We could’ve given two of them, but neither route accommodates such a big bad beast on wheels. (There’s one with a bridge too low and another road that’s way too narrow).

Aldi??? Would Aldi do??? What had gone wrong here? All was revealed later on. Meantime Dave walked the mile down to (Aldi), but the driver needed more info to get there. Fortunately some friends of ours who own a restaurant nearby came to the rescue, and gave the guy directions from god knows where he was.

Eventually Dave and the wagon met up almost three hours later than planned, turns out neither the sat nav nor the driver were to blame. Somehow a slightly different address had been given than the one we’d submitted…

No furniture to worry about, the house came fully furnished to a very high standard, so we left all ours with the boat…

After all that stress we emptied 3 out of the 6 boxes and gave up, went out for a meal, and met up with friends later on for a right good laugh till 1am…

Much was discussed, including us all going down to the beach on Christmas Day. Hmm nice…

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