Dental Fuss? Not at all

In mid October I did a blog post about the wrong timing of things and how totally uncanny it can be. There we were trying to tie up life in Britain, and one of my teeth lost a filling – just a few days after we’d said our sincere heartfelt goodbye’s to the dentist. Predictably they refused to treat it because we weren’t on the books anymore, (their loss, they could’ve charged double). After the farcical advice I was given, perhaps a vet or even an optician could have done more…

On the bright white side, a small amount of the filling has stayed put so there’s been no pain from the likes of a raw nerve. {Total Cringe} I’ve been careful with it since we’ve been here, but it was only a matter of time till pain set in…

So before it got chance to, last Thursday we went to “Clinica Dental” a very large dentist surgery that does everything you’d ever want done to your nashers, and have staff that speak several European languages. After a few questions from the receptionist and a form to fill in. I was signed up, and booked in for 2.30pm yesterday for a free, yes, FREE examination.

By 2.40pm the assessment was made, obviously that tooth needed filling, yet all the others were fine. (Thank you, a bit of luck for once). Then she asked if I wanted it done there and then? “What here and now? I’d have to wait three weeks for an appointment in the UK!” {She nodded her head and said yes whilst wearing a gleaming wry smile} An acknowledgement she was aware of that fact, but also too polite to comment.

Me: “Yes please let’s get it over with!”  So she did…

What strikes you about the place is how truly spotless it is. Really, without a numb mouth you could eat off the marble tiles. Each wall is top to bottom, corner to corner, thick frosted glass, including the doors. A stunning place it is. Makes me wonder if anyone has ever blogged about the insides of a dentists surgery before.

Or taken an Aerial view of one from the roof terrace of a bar with, even more unique, Sabadell Bank sat next door to it…?

2014-11-25 16.03.19 

Well there’s a first time for everything…

I’ve never felt so relaxed about going to the dentist before – my inaugural visit in a foreign country too, you just know you’re in safe hands here and won’t get ripped off. I have to go back next week for a clean and polish job, and that’s the same time as Dave will have his own FIRST EVER FREE examination. Spain’s answer to “two for the price of one” = zero.

Although I did buy some Christmas cards along the same principle (three packs for the price of two) and they weren’t free. Hmm… Came to the princely sum of two Euros for thirty Christmas cards with “FELIZ NAVIDAD” written on them. Deliberately bought Spanish ones, he he.

Anyway, back to Christmas Day dentist day, with new filling in place we stopped off for a drink (where I took the photo from). Well that was a laugh, had to ask the waitress for a straw so I could slurp my way through a can of coke.

“Weeze an oi haf a stwaw?” {Puzzled look} so as Dave began the job of interpretation I just pointed to my jaw and said “Kwinika Dentaw.”

“Ah! Si! Uno Momento,” and bless her, she came out with a box full of stwaws.

Later on we went to the mall and had a good old [clothing only] shop till you drop experience, in and out of designer shops with not a designer price tag in the bag. For example I bought a gorgeous pair of shoes and this is how it works:

Original (definitely designer) price tag was 95 Euros, marked down to a very reasonable 35 Euros. Get to the till and the price suddenly drops to 25 Euros… It happens time and time again…

Laden down with enough bags full of goody’s to set up our own clothing business we moseyed on upstairs to a restaurant, the BIG question is always the same: “Which One?” The choice is overwhelming. Most of them are European, then there’s American (no not McDonalds), Chinese, Indian, Argentinian, and I must’ve forgotten at least one…

So we opted for the “paella palace” not it’s real name, but it should be. We sat at one table, and our shopping sat at the table next door… 

See, that’s the thing here, even a trip to the dentist turns into a great day out in the sun…

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