A Retro Blog Post made of Bubble Wrap

Up until yesterdays post about the day before, (keep up) I didn’t get chance to blog for three days.

Why? We were both extremely busy emptying those six boxes and organising where stuff belongs, in what was supposed to be an orderly fashion… Then reshuffling into a different kind of orderly fashion, pause – rewind.

“Everything has it’s place” and all that, but actually finding the right place so “one” can remember where things reside for future reference is another matter. Hence three days of editing.

To add to that, being as the likes of clothes / bedding / towels had been in storage for over two months they all smelled a bit musty. So they had to be separated into FIVE different wash loads…

Then there’s bubble wrap to contend with: We bought two big rolls of the “professional packer” stuff. On first impression there didn’t seem to be enough, all those bubbles are truly squashed when it’s hermetically sealed. I remember unravelling it was a similar experience to pulling apart masking tape that’s stuck itself together.

However, once it’s been USED, the unwrapping process {at the delivery address} creates a mountain of epic proportions. Believe me I had to climb up the darn thing to fill black bags full of bubbles.

In hindsight I honestly don’t know how we managed to live out of a suitcase (each) for so long…

Oh, and remember the high end, technically advanced corkscrew we thought we’d left behind? Well it turned up in one of the boxes – after we’d bought a new technically advanced one here…

Well it could’ve been worse. Thankfully we didn’t forget any of (the many) sentimental things. Including Aunty Betty’s hat with a wire netting “wrap around” on top…    

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