The Good Ship TT Has Sailed Away!

Yes, at last I can tell you the boat has sold…! Our full time home afloat of several years, now belongs to someone else.

I’ve deliberately kept this news off the blog in case it all went tits up. After the way we were well and truly messed about earlier this year, I even thought writing about it might tip the boat if you see what I mean.

On the 2nd of October a very nice person came for a viewing and fell in love with our Takey Tezey. The good ship had been up for sale less than a week, and towards the end of that week a deposit was paid…! This time we did things differently, forget advertising on a boating website, just do it all through the broker right from the start.

We knew it would happen mid November sometime, but now the money is in the bank I can declare it real. Trailing reams of bubble wrap behind us, we went out the other night and had a seriously major celebration session…! At last we can truly move on…

Of course there’s sentimentality involved, but to be honest, we took the leap to a better place for us in January when we bought the house here in Spain. Even though we couldn’t be here on a full time basis.

So it’s more than fair to say a BIG THANK YOU to New & Used Boat Company (based at the marina) for handling it all, and looking after the boat in our absence.

We were informed that she was being craned out of the water yesterday, and moved to her new home down south somewhere on the back of a wagon. We both really hope the new owner enjoys life afloat as much as we have…

Haven’t had chance to contact our friends at the marina yet, but no doubt they noticed what was our boat being reluctantly lifted out. (Boats don’t like dry land). Like a fish out of water…

So tatty bye TT, been nice knowing ya, and good memories of life afloat will never be forgotten…


God bless all who sail in her, whoever they may be and wherever they may wander…!

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