Well Would You Believe It?

Woke up this morning, looked outside, and for a moment there I thought we were back in the UK. {Horrors} Had to do a double take.

Spanish murk, Costa Blanca style…



We were well aware of the freak weather system that’s blasted it’s way into the Med from the Atlantic over the past couple of days. At the moment it’s just sat in the middle, whilst also affecting the coast of Spain and North Africa. So it’s a big bugger. Apparently it’s an extremely rare occurrence, and even made the weather news in the UK. We were warned to expect thunderstorms, rain, hail, and wind in spectacular fashion…

This was a good test for us to find out just how badly this part of Southern Spain could be affected, under the worst conditions it can get. Dave even bought a brolly…

Turned out to be totally underwhelming! All of the above might be happening, if so, it’s staying out at sea and land masses rule the waves. We’ve had:

  • No thunder.
  • No rain, even though there’s not an inch of blue sky to be seen amidst the blanket grey.
  • The wind speed is up a bit, it’s hovering around 12mph. Granted, there’s the odd gust happens about once an hour that must be more like 15mph. Oh, and the Med’s got white horses on the surface.
  • The birds are still singing.

Test passed with flying colours…!

So that’s about it really, much ado about nothing much, and according to tomorrow’s forecast normal service will be resumed…

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