Leroy Merlin Christmas Lights

Good old Leroy. Spain’s answer to B&Q, except it’s bigger and easier to find things. So there I was a couple of days ago, stood inside a man-size chocolate box, dragging my heels amidst the power tools section.

I’ll get round to the Christmas lights (with photos) later, because the subject matter for a very boring DIY Superstore documentary comes first:

There’s nothing more utterly mind numbing for a woman than being surrounded by the likes of angle grinders, while her husband’s eyes dance around at the wonders to behold on the shelves. As he zooms in on some kind of power drill or other, it soon becomes apparent that whatever superior abilities it may possess, they’ve got absolutely nothing to do with what he went in for.

Eventually when the correct tool ON THE SHOPPING LIST is located, choice becomes an issue. Too much choice, oh go find yourself a folding chair and speculate as to which one will find itself in the trolley… Wandering off into the household section studying the likes of washing up bowls and sink drainers is also highly entertaining in comparison.

From experience, the easiest thing to do in this kind of situation is to pretend to be interested while he rattles through the tech spec. If even just one eyelid begins to close, or a yawn sets itself free, the male of the species sulks for the rest of the day…

So he bought his sander thingy and we were all very happy.

On the other side of the coin, dragging a bloke round a shoe shop seems to have the same effect on him. I wonder why…?

Moving swiftly on to the subject of Leroy’s LED’s:

“Well these are nice and they’re the right length.”

“But those there are a nicer shape…………………..” 

See there’s other perks involved when playing the power tool game, you get your own way about something else.





Thanks Leroy…

Note: Dave’s put a timer on them, so they’ll even come on by themselves if we’re out, and switch themselves off when if we forget…

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