Universal Pictures

Going up BOTH staircases at our house is like walking through up / down an art gallery. OK so there’s no Leonardo De Vinci or Vincent Van Gogh works of art in the picture, (well I don’t think there is). Many of them were left in the house by the previous owners, so perhaps, maybe…?

I’m no expert, but some don’t half look posh, I didn’t even try to get photos of them all, so here’s a little taster…

A mix of Spanish and British…




As for these two below, well they were packed in bubble wrap, and kept at my mum and dad’s house while we lived on the boat. So we put them in storage, and they came here in the removals beast wagon.

We brought this one back from Florida with us, bought from the guy who painted it. So it’s traversed the Atlantic to the UK by aircraft. Then years later traversed from the UK to Spain by road…! Still in mint condition too…


And this one, well it was “donated” to us about 20 years ago, we’ve got no idea where it originated from. Still a mystery all these years later…


So there you go, a mini guided tour, perhaps I should post close up photos of them all, see if anyone recognises a Rembrandt…


Oh, and then right up at the top of 36 stairs in total, there’s this very pretty picture from the roof terrace…


2 thoughts on “Universal Pictures

  1. Saw Takey Tezey today moored just east of the lock at Marlow on the Thames. Still looking good. No-one aboard – probably Christmas shopping in Marlow. Janet Riddingon. NB More


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