Observation: Good Blogs Can Become Boring

If mine ever did, I’d give up while on a roll. Please give me a kick up the ass if I don’t get it first, and I’ll shut the f*ck up.

This is a post that’s been sat as a draft for months now, but today pushed me over the edge when I read yet another RANT from someone who never needed to RANT before.

Perhaps because our life has been so colourful, I find it interesting to read many other lifestyle blogs and enjoy doing so. However, it’s become obvious that some can turn sour simply through lack of relevant subject content from the author. The ability, or writing prowess suddenly dries up, and a good blog that’s lasted for several years slowly loses any appeal and dies with it. Sad but true…

Except the author keeps on blogging… About nothing to do with their original highly humorous theme. Such blogs then descend into one of several categories:

  • RANTS about politics.
  • RANTS about the politics of something more localised.
  • Repetitive content.
  • Confrontation and ridicule RANTS aimed at innocent people.

Where did the creativity go?

In reverse context, one blog I know of started off in RANT mode (a supposedly laid back boater), yet everyone else on the canal system were “morons” or “dickheads” or worse. Boasting about collecting bags full of other peoples rubbish for about three years (with photos of black bags) is totally mind numbing to anyone. I kept hoping things would cheer up. That blogger had the ability to write without offence to others, but prefers confrontation when there’s no need. Some effort has been made over the past few months, the odd scenic photograph here and there. Mixed between the likes of suspect words the FBI look for online and other copied and pasted horrific images. Too late and too half hearted…


I’ve deleted feeds from quite a few blogs today, and it feels good not to have such drivel coming into my inbox anymore.

This is not about judgement, it’s just facts…

2 thoughts on “Observation: Good Blogs Can Become Boring

  1. Hi Cal,

    Yes, I'm guessing you're guessing correctly! That one's an exception to the rule!

    The others started off brill for a while, even years, and then descended into blurb rants.

    I'd have to give up if ever that happened to this blog, I would find it embarrassing.

    You probably feel the same about it, and no you're not boring!

    Oh, and thanks for reading 🙂



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