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First Visit To A Medical Centre


There’s a cupboard door under the sink, (like there usually is) which opens out into what would normally be classed as a “dead corner.” Except it isn’t…

Dangers in dead corners can occur if stuff inside is out of reach. Tying yourself up in knots to get at something is an incident just waiting to happen…

Traditionally a “dead corner” contains items that are never to be found again, or forgotten about altogether such as:

  • The teapot with a missing handle.
  • The spare iron.
  • The coffee making machine (never used).
  • The spare kettle.

Fortunately the cupboard next door to our sink (on a 90 degree angle) also opens out, so it’s a great “double” space for a myriad of kitchen paraphernalia. We’ve even put some shelves in there. Wonderful, except those two doors have to be opened and closed in the right order… As in, one won’t open or shut unless the other one is first, thus:

As you can clearly see, one has a handle, one doesn’t, the latter only swings open after the other one has…


So access is easy, right…? Well yes…


BUT, A couple of days ago Heth here forgot about the “order of play” with the doors and closed them the wrong way round. Slam, straight on my thumb. It was sore for the rest of the day, not particularly painful, but yesterday it went black up to my wrist and wouldn’t move. Uh Oh…

At the Medical Centre I was sent straight for an X ray and fortunately it wasn’t broken. (Even for a thumb it means a cast up the arm). The standard of service was excellent and it all happened so quickly. No waiting to see a doctor or hanging around in queues. If hospital treatment is necessary, (without being an emergency) there’s even a bus goes direct from the centre itself to the nearest one.

Sorry, but it has to be said:

Thumbs up, well one of them…

Thumbs up

So we even made a day out of that! Yes, be it a visit to the dentist / doctors, there’s always something else to do, or somewhere else to go. Afterwards we wandered round in glorious sunshine exploring the area. We can’t walk there from the house because of a flyover close to the sea, with no footpath, and it’s the only route. As usual, not a busy road so it would be possible, but dangerous because the few cars on it go a bit too fast…

There’s talk of them building a footpath “flyover” next to it. But this is Spain, and it’s taken the local authorities longer to discuss the possibility than it would to build the darn thing… Hey, laid back is laid back, rather have that than chaos.

Besides, contractors are busy rebuilding round here. There weren’t many abandoned buildings in this area at all. But what were, are now building sites with cranes that move a lot. And nothing can be more than three storeys high…

Dave’s late Christmas present to himself is to buy a car sometime in January. We saw a nice Merc the other day, I point out any and all posh cars while he ignores them…

A handful of Brits have brought their own cars over here. Our son who lives in Germany has a British car too. Bizarre as it may sound, I reckon it might be easier to remember which side of the road to be on, because the drivers seat is always next to the footpath…!

When I was but a nipper, there used to be an “advert” on TV:

Always look right, look left, then right again before crossing a road.

Well, it now comes natural to do the opposite. It also comes natural to shut those doors by order of design…

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