An Enlightening Visit To The Post Office

We went to the Post Office where we get our mail delivered last week, to hand over a mountain of Christmas cards, and birthday cards to send. We’ve got a lot of birthdays in December to cater for. I think it’s about time someone invented the “Christmas Birthday Card” then we could do two for the price of one. [Cheapskate]

Even made a day out of that, went to a cafe nearby, and sat outside for a snack whilst overlooking the Med from afar. I’ve noticed something strange has happened recently, wherever we may wander, looking out to see sea isn’t as essential as it used to bee be. I kid ye not, the Med hasn’t changed, but staring at it has.

We’ll never get bored of the views, so I suspect it’s because we can sea see the sea a lot, there’s no need to gawp at it. Being surrounded by beauty, (landscape too) certainly isn’t taken for granted. It’s fully embraced, and is now part of a very high standard of day to day living. 

There’s a small hill we regularly walk over, it’s a shortcut to the nearest town. At the top, the glory of the Med is literally in your face. Yet last time we did that route I found myself looking down at my shoes, watching where I was going instead. Most unusual, previous to that I’d have risked falling over backwards while checking out the vista. Realisation set in, this is how the Spanish think. It’s fantastic but,, normal.

View from the top o’ the hill, just round the corner from us, taken in December…


Not a bad place to be for a lass from Lanceesheer, who’s swapped that place for this…

A very sad cynical person once said to me (online, not face to face) “Oh you’ll soon get bored, we shall see.” Well I beg to differ old bean fart. The green eyed monster was as visible in that sentence as the Med is in this photo. British expats who live here would laugh out loud at that comment, just as I did.

Ask anyone who’s been here for several years if they would ever go back to the UK? The top answer is: “Only occasional visits to see family and friends for various reasons, five days max in one go.”

That’s us already.

Predictably, family and friends would rather come here, and do if they can…

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