Christmas Day At The Beach Part One

There’s just too many photos to fit in one blog post…!

When we arrived at the beach there really was 3,000 people there…! Friends or families or both all sat round in little circles with BBQ’s a’ barbecuing, drinking champagne and passing presents round. Meanwhile the brass band played Christmas Carols and the temperature hovered around 21 degrees C.

Where’s the sea gone? I could swear it’s somewhere down there…




The brass band…


Ah, there it is. As the crowds began to disappear I walked up to the seaside restaurant to take this. Where the sea merges into the sky…


Two of the people here were just emerging from the water after taking a dip. Not many of us would do that even here in the depths of winter. Perhaps it was a wager…


[Being as it’s a blue flag beach, I don’t think they were aware that you’re not supposed to go in without a lifeguard on duty]

Another rare sight for us was, all those people with all that food and drink, and everyone left the beach as they found it. Not a can or a bottle, or any other kind of rubbish to be seen.

What we’ve known in the UK is seeing a beach covered in shit even when there’s no humans near it. Yet another wonderful culture shock for us…

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