Party Time

Christmas Day At The Beach Part Two


CHEERS, complete with Christmas hats bunged on our heads by someone else…




Gate crashing with the Belgium Father Christmas gang, they must’ve been roasting hot in those costumes…!


Photo story:

Heth by the Med lost in relaxed MEDitation, amidst the gentle lapping sound of the waves…


Noticed there was a camera pointing at me…


Oh go on then, strike the pose…



Christmas night was a very silly HOOT indeed. We took over the bar both inside and out, to be fair there was only “us lot” there and we know the staff, so they joined in…

Music, dancing and laughter till the early hours, interspersed with deep conversation about the philosophy of life, HA! Doesn’t matter where you’re from, expats have so much in common. Not everyone has such a wide angle lens on life…

Oops, just seen the weather in the UK, snow, ice, hail, wind and amber warnings, set to continue till New Year’s Day. One of several reasons why we left the place behind, for a better quality of life in the sun…

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