The Alternative Brass Band Recital

Playing “A whiter shade of pale” by Procol Harum. I KID YE NOT…


Next on the alternative play list was “Jingle Bells.” I KID YE NOT # 2

See, anything goes here, it doesn’t matter, there is no strict regime about things. Sometimes a Spanish guy would introduce the songs in Espanol. Sometimes a Brit would introduce them in English.

So there was nobody actually singing on the stage. But not to worry, there was a big multi-lingual audience doing the job nicely. In Spanish, English, German, French etc — all at the same time. Most of which was spent with people just laughing together anyway. Cosmopolitan Carol Singing at it’s best…!

I had to ask myself if this could happen in such good spirit, anywhere else in the world…?!

Love it, Love it, Love it…!

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