The Three Kings

Today is yet another day of celebration here, the equivalent of Christmas Day with not a Santa in sight. The kids here have two days worth of presents to cope with in the space of two weeks! I’ve mentioned somewhere on here that Christmas hasn’t finished yet, and today is the equivalent of a bank holiday.  

All we’ve ever known is Christmas Day being “The BIG Day.” Beyond that the Carol singers give up and there’s no more presents left.

“Dia De Los Reyes” [Three Kings Day] has a biblical origin. The three Kings depict the three wise men making a return visit (in person) on January 6th, the twelfth day of Christmas. Or Epiphany as it’s known. Their purpose is to bring gifts to the children. In days gone by it used to be sweets that were passed round. These days they hand out presents, and parents usually save half the Christmas day presents for unwrapping today.

The early evening of January 5th is when the celebrations begin, the Three Kings parade along a planned route, and crowds of people follow them. This festival is celebrated all over Spain. So in effect there’s probably thousands of Three Kings out on the streets…

We walked down towards the beach last night to view this spectacular event and join in with the crowds. The atmosphere was truly awesome, Christmas carols were playing and fireworks filled the sky. I didn’t take any photos of the parade itself, being in amongst it was enough…

However I did get a few of the Three Kings handing out presents when we all descended on the Boulevard.

The Three Kings settling in nicely…


Ready for this, it was all very well co-ordinated for security purposes, just a few parents with their kids allowed up there at any one time…


The staff in the background just kept stacking up hundreds of huge boxes stuffed full of goodies…



Just some of the crowd…


Happy Three King’s Day…!

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