Temporary Crane Confusion

Hang on to that thought… [Good grief, a puny pun before I’ve started]

The story: Yesterday we went for a walk. About half a mile from here there’s a plot of land where they’re building seven luxury villas, all bought and paid for already. Plus (yet another) swimming pool. We don’t ogle at swimming pools anymore, being surrounded by them, they’re just the norm…

Anyway, we noticed a crane like this one on the site:

It was lifting our EX boat out of the water at the time, amidst the grey murk of an average day in Britain…


Except the crane we saw here was about ten times the size of the above. It seemed to be concentrating on swinging sections of something about.

The next day we noticed this:

So that’s how they do it! Lego style, one crane creates another… 


Yet another of the absolutely HUGE remote controlled jobby’s that are moving again in Spain. Really, there are no humans up there…

2013-12-27 15.55.43

So the original bendy crane we saw reminded us of a Dutch barge style boat crane, except on a tremendous scale. We laughed about the fact that they weren’t really building villas at all. It was going to be seven widebeam boats, planted on imported filthy canal water from the UK. With shopping trolleys and mattresses as foundations…

No reminiscent romance involved. The hardships boaters blog about such as the decaying weather, and the equally decaying state of the canal system. Jeez, we have no regrets whatsoever about selling up to live in the sun.

Now you might wonder why such a big crane just for seven houses? They can’t build higher than three storeys round here, so it seems a bit over the top. (Excuse) Well, it saves room on the ground for the little man with his remote control device. Better than a PlayStation…

Nah, in reality it does the work and saves space, where several other lorries and wagons would clog up the area.They still arrive in droves, then plop stuff on the ground for the mighty buggers to take over. Makes sense.

Cranes must be ugly things to most people, but not here they ain’t, they represent recovery…

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