No nothing to do with temperature – gotcha! It’s a balmy 23 degrees C. However I’ve gone and caught a darn cold from somewhere, and passed it on to Dave or vice versa.

We all know there’s different variety’s of cold on offer to catch. However, I’ve discovered that having a cold in a warm country is far easier for the nasal passages and other parts of the body to cope with. Neither of us have actually experienced having a cold even in the UK for at least four years. {Shivering cold air, yes, most of the time}

We’ve come to the conclusion that they have a different strain of cold virus here, modified for human compatibility. The British immune system isn’t aware, till the Spanish cold moves in on a gentle scale. Still without a welcome doormat.

So this is how it works without feeling shitty everywhere:

A couple of nights ago one of my sinus regions bunged itself up completely, whilst at the same time Dave’s eyes started watering profusely. I can’t speculate as to who got it first, based on lack of previous experience / evidence.

Yesterday we both went through a full kitchen roll of snot, the principle being that if “one” didn’t blow “one’s” nose every three minutes, dripping became a real issue. Today everything’s back to normal. So is that it? Well YES. Two days as opposed to a week or more, without feeling ill. All the symptoms amounted to what would be the tail end of a cold as we know (or knew) it. END.


On a different kind of cold note:

Some friends of ours had to reluctantly fly back to the UK yesterday for various commitments that should’ve lasted a week. But they trimmed it down as best they could to just three days. Our sincere condolences were readily accepted. It was questionable as to whether their plane could land or even take off back here. Manchester airport was shut due to snow and ice at the time and it’s set to get worse…

We have to go to the UK sometime in April, so far we’ve trimmed it down from two weeks to ten days. We’re now at the point where we’re considering just a week…

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