Windy In Oriheula Costa?

Well my last blog post started with the word COLD (not weather related) so I thought I’d carry on the theme, except this post IS about the weather…

As the title implies, we’ve had freak gusts of wind the past couple of days, which is a very rare occurrence here. Anything up to 19mph, (29kmph) has been recorded, dear me, it’s enough to blow your hat off. 

I’ve noticed that this part of Spain doesn’t cope very well with what’s considered “high” wind. Fences are in danger of falling over, sun canopies are in danger of ripping away from their heavy fixings, big palm trees lose the odd “frond” or two, small plant pots that usually stay put can suddenly turn into missiles, and things that don’t normally move, do. Even so, we risked life and limb to go for a walk, out in the sun it’s still warm.

Which brings me to the subject of the unique micro climate round these parts:

I once said I’d do a blog post about it, so here it is, fascinating fact without fiction…

Orihuela Costa is surrounded by hills and truly stunning scenery that contribute to the protective micro climate it creates. About a mile or so from our house there’s a perfect visual example. A “peninsula” juts out into the Med full of trees and valleys…

We regularly walk down a road which reveals the true picture, from a couple of miles back from the coast it has an open view of the sea, yet look over to the right and it suddenly disappears! Where the sea “should be” there’s beautiful greenery instead. Beyond that, there’s even mountains in the distance. It’s a stunning optical illusion, they look like they’re rising out of the (invisible) sea itself. The first time we noticed the full splendour, set against the backdrop of deep blue sky, we thought there might be a storm rolling in! 

Another feature of the micro climate are the two HUGE natural salt lakes in Torrevieja which contribute nicely to the dry, warm atmosphere. They’re so big they take up half the size of the town itself and are full of pink flamingos, yet another awesome “every day” sight. (About five miles north of here).

Warm winters and hot summers provide more than 340 days of sunshine a year, and according to The World Health Organisation the Costa Blanca is classed as being one of the healthiest places on earth to live and the healthiest place in Europe to live. Other health benefits include relief, and even cure of arthritis and rheumatism. Then of course there’s the healthy Med diet. The odd “Burger King” can still be found, but only if you go looking…

The Costa Blanca with it’s sub tropical climate is also classed as having the most beautiful stretch of coastline in Spain. For anyone who immediately associates it with Benidorm being the “palace,” or the norm, believe me, it’s just a blip on the landscape. In most areas, including here, there’s no such thing as high rise sky scrapers. Step outside the front door and we’re surrounded by beauty of all kinds. Aside from birds singing, the peace is deafening, and tranquillity just flows.

No need to elaborate…

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