When Ignorance Borders Upon Arrogance

TAKE A STEP BACK…! Whatever is said rise above it, a sign of strength not weakness. Just a little gem this old bat here has learned over the years…

The natural reaction when a serious sarcastic remark is thrown is to go on the defensive. There’s several varieties that come in different shapes and sizes, and are the absolute opposite of humorous banter between friends. Thankfully deliberate sarcasm is a rare thing unless Jeremy Kyle gets involved.

So without being hypersensitive, the main “categories” of a serious poke that irks any human being are:

  • A direct poke at you. (Rare).
  • A poke at friends or family. (Rare).
  • A poke at your beliefs. (Jury’s out).
  • A poke aimed at the country you’ve moved to and made your new home. (Still rare).

Since we moved to Spain, we’ve found the latter could be an issue if we let it. Very tempting as it is to defend your adoptive country, we’ve discovered that when a “poker” prods, it usually comes from someone who’s stuck in a rut and truly unhappy about it.

I have one friend who’s so depressed she can’t even talk to me anymore. Hearing about our lifestyle must be like rubbing salt in a wound for her, and I can understand why from her point of view. So take a step back, away from obviously causing resentment without meaning to. An expat has to let it go, it’s happened to all of us.

A throwaway sarcastic comment says a lot about the “pokee” and gives an insight into their psychological reason for an unwanted jab. Up to now the two main one’s uttered from the UK have revolved around:

1) “Well, why don’t they all learn English?”

2) “Why don’t they just do things like we do?”

Oh the ignorance! 

We’ve spoken to other expats about this and they’ve all had the same experience. Such comments only come from those with major issues in their own life. So it’s best not to defend or say anything about our life, just let it be for their sake.


What sparked this blog post was the total irony of a fellow blogger (who lives on a narrowboat) temporarily coming to Spain, to get away from the UK weather and the doom and gloom it creates. Fed up in the UK, he’s brought his miserable blog with him and hasn’t got a good word to say. I was hoping for his sake he’d be able to enjoy his four months of freedom in a beautiful place he chose to be in.

Miserable blog? How dare I. For those outside of the canal boating community (including me now). His blog consists of rant after rant about the Inland Waterways, and CART (Canal and River Trust). The odd “poke” at the trust is justified because of the way it’s grossly mismanaged. But the poor guy is obsessed. He’s also classified his own “different types” of boaters and has a “poke” at each one. All this goes under cover of an extremely cynical “sense of humour.” It’s become more than boring when every blog post is the same with different wording, and offensive to some people.  

We once met up in a pub for a drink with him and his wife. A seemingly jolly old chap in real life, except when I asked if he got any nasty comments because of what he writes, his eyes lit up. The answer was something along the lines of “Yes, all the time, I quite enjoy it.” I was gobsmacked, he relished confrontation. Well each to his own I suppose.

Since he arrived here, he’s still been blogging blurb about the UK canal system! Totally baffled by this I asked him why (via email). The answer being they were archived posts and he would start on Spain soon. [How sad is that?]

And start on Spain he has…

Quotes from his first blog post about the country he’s been in for a while: 

“Why on earth have the Spanish changed all the names of the products in Aldi and Lidl that we are so used to?”


“Its a funny old world, I live and learn something new everyday. Even out here on in the lowlands of the Costa Blanca (costa packet) I discover some things that have me scratching my head. For one thing the Spanish like the French insist on driving on the wrong side of the road. Despite my best efforts to demonstrate to them the error of their ways.”


“I have long thought that the logic used by CaRT to be skewed. But then maybe its not just the Trust that has financial problems that make the grandees that are in charge act so oddly. As reported on a Spanish radio station yesterday (Bay Radio a popular station that has improved its following by the simple expedient of adopting English as its native language of choice)  It seems that the Spanish are so short of money they have had to turn to a new form of highway robbery as they try to fight their way out of austerity.”


“A weird situation I know, but remember we had to put this lot in their place once before when the local boat club sent an armada up the English channel. You would have thought the name ‘English’ would have been enough for them to recognise who had right of way.”


“But as the Spaniards were soon sent packing with the remnants of their boats by Walt. After he finished his afternoon game of Crown Green Ten Pin Bowling. It should be remembered that the Spaniards have been wanting to get their own back for some time now.”


“Our friendly and recently almost independent Scots have decided to send Rob Roy and his cohort of the Bannockburn larger louts to Benidorm. Flying in from Glasgow (a small fishing village on the west coast of Scottiesland, near where we park our submarines) Arriving in time for Easter. When the Spanish celebrate by throwing goats from towers and driving the cattle to market through the streets Pamplona. The Spanish certainly know their onions and how to bring tears to your eyes.You couldn’t make it up! “

Well, make it up he did, in spectacular fashion…

He also rattled on about a group of cyclists being on the road. [News just in, that happens everywhere in the world]

As usual it was all just another rant, and no beautiful photos have been posted. By the way he’s an hour’s drive north of Benidorm and it doesn’t “Costa Packet” to be here, quite the opposite. Thank goodness we’re three hours drive south…!

Some people, the Spanish and expats from around the world might take offence if they read his warped musings. Personally I’d advise him to show some respect for the country he chose to be in over winter, or bugger off back to his narrowboat in the frozen depths of the UK. {Where austerity is a big issue amidst corrupt political disguise…}

But I won’t retaliate, stand back and let him show off his total ignorance and arrogance for the country of his choice…

The Ultimate Poker…

2 thoughts on “When Ignorance Borders Upon Arrogance

  1. I'm getting good at this guessing who you are on about 🙂

    It is a shame when some peoples blogs descend into rant after rant after rant. (Not yours by the way. I am enjoying reading about your new way of life)


  2. Thanks Cal,

    What a lovely compliment 🙂

    If that ever happened on here I'd close the lid on my laptop and take it to the nearest recycling plant!

    For some reason your posts aren't showing up in my RSS feeds. I bought a new tablet thingy and reset them all. Well so much for that, blimey it's took some setting up. I can see the darn thing being stuck in a cupboard forever at this rate!!

    Heth x


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