It’s Bloody Freezing!

Oh dear, we must be getting soft. There’s an easterly weather system found it’s way into the Med. The temperature has plunged to 12 degrees C and brought a stiff cool breeze with it, rain was also on the menu for about an hour this morning. Well it is winter, no excuse for having a moan? More on that later…

Thankfully we’ve got the following set up “under the arches” on the ground floor terrace. Protected on all three sides, which means we can still sit outside. Fortunately the wind never gets bad enough to require all three at once.

In winter, with that side up as it is in the photo, it means the other side is down because a breeze is coming off the mountains. (Rare). With that side down in the photo it would be coming off the sea, (also rare…)


Either way, we always put the huge front section down too…





“All opened up,” except our Casa prefers to remain anon, with her name hidden squarely behind a digitally enhanced empty box…



Somewhere rolled up in the this front porch is a sun shade that comes outwards too. But I’m not going to faff about with that just for a photo. It being such a heavy structure, we have to use a long pole with a hook on the end, which turns a fixing and unravels each section individually. Phew. Not to be attempted if “one” has had a drinky poos…


However, it’s just a tad more substantially stunning, and a tad less complicated to mess with than the boating equivalent (??) we once had. It took us both at least 10 minutes to take this lot down, and 20 minutes (plus) to put it back together again:


So we’ve come to the conclusion that when you live in a warm country after living in a cold one. The body’s tolerance to the cold drops. It’s not unusual to see the locals (including us) togged up in jeans, jumpers, coats, and wait for it – sunglasses all at the same time.

Why? Well it can be 25 degrees C out in the sun, but get in the shade and the temperature suddenly plummets by about 10 degrees. So you know how it is, you’re walking along soaking up the rays, and all of a sudden a few trees appear. Plod through the shade they create and it’s a true shock to the system. So it’s best to wrap up and peel off layers off when required. In the UK that would be a warm summer…

With strange weather like this here, local bars where tables and chairs (and people) spill out off the front terraces, across the footpath, and into the road in summer, they’re all open but EMPTY outside. Even in winter, the terraces are usually busy at any time of day with folks sat outside in the sun. 

We’ve been told this kind of weather is most unusual, only last week on our trip to ‘Appy Aldi” we sat outside our own local bar in glorious warm sunshine…

Saying “roll on summer” is a bit cheeky, so roll on next week! Last year it didn’t rain at all from March to November, it was the longest dry spell on record…

Note: Did you know that beyond our lifetime, when London, New York, and Florida are underwater, Spain will be a desert?

However, you wouldn’t think so today…

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