My Memory Is Crap

Factual Mode:

It’s come to my attention that moving to a another country involves remembering new:

  • Names
  • Faces
  • Places

Definitely forgotten something on the menu there, but I’ve forgot what. Shopping lists have been a problem for a few years now, so that’s not one to dwell upon.

Hence there’s always pen and paper in my handbag. Has to be, else chaos would prevail. As would does embarrassment.

Neighbours from all corners of the world somehow seem to remember Heth & Dave, yet everyone says they have the same memory problemo!

Getting to know the neighbours was the first such problemo, sod the language barrier or non English names, that didn’t matter. When people stopped by for a welcome chat, I would end up trying to remember their names and which house they belonged to. THEN run inside to write it down. But by the time I’d located pen and paper, such details had vanished.

After a while it became obvious this particular system wasn’t working at all. So I resorted to halting the conversation and running inside for my little notepad, it had to be done there and then. Except there was always a delay whilst said notepad was located, and to make matters worse it was never anywhere near a pen.

Amidst an apology: “Hold onto that thought, I’ll be back in ten minutes to file it.”  I made the excuse that they had to be logged (tagged?) because there were so many people we’d met all at once. Phew, I think it worked…

Then there’s true, lasting friends you make, bombarded with them too at first. I had to make notes while we were sat outside the bar being introduced to folks, AND had to learn to write “under the table” while no-one was looking…

However, there is a caveat, neither of us are any good at facial recognition. Therefore it was of no consequence writing down names. In fact it only complicated things further.

The Forgetful Alphabet Example:

“Well I know his / her face, but he / she looks like {whoever else} and I can’t tell the difference between the two.” Answer: “Me neither.” So “Bob” ends up being a “Burt” and “Betty” ends up being a “Barbie.” Remembering the first letter is supposed to be helpful… 

The Forgetful Word Association Example:

Don = Donald Duck

John = Toilet

Works very well, till you also forget the associated word…

On a similar note:

We came home the other night after having had one too many and managed a conversation with some of our Spanish neighbours who’d also had one too many. They don’t speak English, we only speak basic Spanish (very) and yet we totally understood each other… No sign language required…! As we walked further down to our house Dave said “Did you get any of that?” Well most unusual I did, and explained it to him whilst lost in translation of any language. Then TUT, “can you remember their names?” Guess the answer…

In hindsight rep rep repetition works. See people often enough, talk to them regularly enough and everything falls into face place. Except it takes a while…

Places are a whole other problemo…      


Well there’s one thing I won’t forget about today, we’re grandparents again! Another grandson born this morning in Germany. He’s an absolutely gorgeous little bundle of joy, with a face and name to remember forever. A late Valentine’s present is how I’ll remember the date…

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