Oh Dear, Peace And Quiet Shattered

About half a mile away from here there’s seven luxury villas being built. I did a blog post somewhere about how a “relatively” small crane put this HUGE one together in sections. A bit like oversized Meccano:

The building site is to the left and behind it…


So why is it sat above houses, (albeit on a temporary measure) that are already built? We’ve worked out that if it came down while in this position it would destroy anything between eight to twelve of them! One of which belongs to some friends of ours. {They’ve told us they both go to bed wearing crash helmets now}

Perhaps the guy with the Play Station “crane control console” likes to err on the edge of danger, while he’s planted safely on the ground. Credit where it’s due, he parks it up on the horizontal overnight, except for the one time when he must’ve had a party to go to and forgot…

To be fair the darn thing doesn’t move unless he tells it to, and it remained rock solid while we had 20mph gales here for a couple of days. Gales? (Well that is in these parts). People who’ve lived here for years reckon it’s officially bordering amidst the worst weather in February on record in Spain.

Anyway, back to the NOISE factor, the site isn’t visible to us, but the SOUND is. I’ve mentioned before that our house is built on solid rock. Well so will they be… Which means digging out foundations using a HUGE heavy truck thing, with a massive spike on the end of it about three foot in diameter. DUNK, DUNK, times 1000 in a day.

And the rock gets smashed into HUGE boulders.

And then a HUGE wagon with a grabber thing comes and takes them away.

And the NOISE can be heard from a radius of about a mile.

And our usually deafening PEACE will be a thing of the past for quite some time.

On top of that (excuse pun) although the structure of the crane itself moves silently, health and safety requires a LOUD beeping noise before it does – which continues till it comes to a standstill. It’s a bit like that of a wagon reversing only ten times louder, and it’s purpose is to let the builders on site know where it’s swinging to.

But there’s more, when it’s moving stuff along the top, the ring tone alert they’ve decided upon is that of an exotic bird whistling. Slightly more pleasing to the ear, except it happens every thirty seconds.  

And aside from a brief siesta, they work late…

I used to think the guy further down the road with a minor bird allowed it to make too much racket, it does the “phwit phuwuw” thing and sings the MacDonald’s theme tune. At this moment in time I’d rather listen to it doing an opera of every advert in the world.

The noise isn’t so bad inside the house, hardly noticeable, but we all live OUTSIDE…

Last week our neighbours from Germany came for “a peaceful break” to their second home. I asked them if they knew what they were letting themselves in for??? Turns out they did know about the build, but didn’t realise how far the noise would radiate.

I agreed, I said, I agreed, I said… {Pass us all a megaphone}

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