Important Fashion Trends

Well, important to us womenfolk. But first I must lay the basics of how fashion trends work here, where and when.

Winter doesn’t last half as long as it does in the UK, and during that time the worst of the elements is the wind. Just 20mph is the equivalent of gale force, and we women wear boots, while guys wear trainers. Coats and scarves are necessary for all genders – as are sun glasses at the same time. Yes, the sun is never far away, and layers have to be peeled off as required. 

So we’re already into what the UK would regard as two (tops) extremely warm totally freak days in winter. Which just doesn’t ever happen there anyway. They’ve still got snow and damaging winds as per norm, warmth in summer is also patchy.

Britain is an excellent example of how global warming has produced the worst case scenario. It is but a small island surrounded by sea. The ever so slightly warmer water creates precipitation which rises into cold air, and there you have it. The clouds created by that dump water on the ground whatever time of year. The past five years have proven this theory to be true, we know, we’ve been there, yet some people are still in denial.   

Fortunately the cool wind here has gone for good till next year. Even if the odd breeze appears from time to time, the sun is already beginning to counteract, and get higher by the day. Proof is in watching a point where shadows disappear into full sun, and it’s quick. 22 degrees C in the shade today. 

We went for a walk this afternoon, and as the sun got entangled in a big cloud for a while, the warmth remained. Humidity is starting to creep in even in February, and the birds, from sparrows to parrots are nesting even NOW.

Where does women’s fashion come into it?

Well, as of today, there’s proof that boots are no longer required to keep the feet warm. So what do you do wear during the short term “in-between” warm to hot? Trainers without socks would suffice, but it looks naff.

Here’s the answer, what I bought this afternoon…


They’re a clever design of trainer soles with (sturdy) fashion pumps on top, and as comfortable as slippers. It’s double good because we do a lot of walking.

As for clothing, buy what you want, wear what you want, nobody does judgement here, it doesn’t exist.

The norm in winter is leggings, a long body hugging tee-shirt almost (but not) down towards the knees, a thin long jumper over the top, along with any coat / jacket you like. There is still 99% “fashion chic” except the horizons are endless, including choice.

Fortunately I have a slim frame, even got “abs” because of all the walking we do, plus workout, plus seafood diet every day. It’s rare for me to eat meat these days, except chicken. Dave’s lucky, he eats a mix of both and remains lean and mean, always has, always will.

Whilst on the subject , it’s rare to see a fat Spaniard too… But some northern Europeans here physically display the fact that they’re still on a fish and chip (or similar) diet with lots of beer to wash it all down.


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