An Afternoon Tangled Up In Documents And Staples

If you’re going to leave one country behind and move to another, here’s some idea of how much official paperwork is involved:


This lot represents just the Spanish “collection of legalities.” Everything from banking to bills, the latter of which never cease to amaze how little they cost for such excellent service.

So why was the table set for a paperfest today? Well tomorrow is a big step for mankind. A trip to the solicitor along with several documents required for beginning the process of residency. Which meant digging them all out. They’ll be submitted on Friday for scrutiny by a Spanish guy sat in an office, probably wearing a suit, eating unsalted peanuts, and surrounded by more paperwork and staples than us…

What that pile doesn’t include is the collection of “bumf” we had to wade through in Britain to shut things down and escape. But it does include some important “crossover stuff” that we require, and (fair enough) the Spanish authorities require proof of before we qualify.

However, the remaining (redundant) British paperwork didn’t need to apply for residency of a cupboard,, granted without ceremony. It was much more difficult tying up loose ends in the UK than it was buying a house, and settling into the paperwork of life here…! 

So we’re just “investigating” at the moment. Figuratively speaking,, dipping our toes in the water. Our solicitor has been there done that but we haven’t, hence leave it all to the expert team. It’s different for everyone, if more documents are deemed required, we’ll wade through again and submit them too. Thing is, we’re in no rush, so waiting for the “YES vote” is no big deal.

Besides, I suspect the most important deciding factor involves being a laid back kind of dude with a sunny disposition, and the owner of at least seven pairs of flip flops. Else it’s a big fat NO…

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