It’s Been A Year!

Since we bought our very own place in the sun…


After two months of going through the buying process, the last week of February 2014 was the truly magical moment when everything was finalised. With completion and paperwork all wrapped up, on the first day of March we moved into our amazing three storey home.

Bittersweet,, it was but on a very temporary basis at the time. Our flight back to the UK was booked for the beginning of April. We still had commitments to get shut of over there. There’s still some more to do in 2015, and we’re still non resident even though we own a property…

I’ve just had a look back through the blog and I didn’t mention any of the actual buying process,, it was deliberate. The door was closed to potential of the “written word” having some kind of negative influence on our positively life changing experience! Not being superstitious, there was “something” that said:


{This could still be a dream} Family and friends were informed on a need to know basis only. What with two bottles of champagne waiting for us inside, how could we possibly share that…?

On a realistic basis, and a year later, here we are on the verge of Residency. We walked down to our local restaurant this afternoon for a meal, then to our local bar. [Learned a long time ago it’s as cheap to eat out for top notch healthy food as it is to eat in] So there we were, sat outside in 30 degrees C sunshine with no wind. It’s a regular thing to do, even at this time of year. 

On a dire note we saw the forecast for the UK today on the news, 60 – 70 mph gales with freezing wind. {Either sit next to a radiator in your own abode, or venture out in the car with climate control, and then sit next to a radiator in someone else’s} There is no comparison, it does not exist…

We’ve also observed that the sun rises higher in the sky much earlier in the year, which means “winter” is much shorter. For example here we are, the very beginning of March, and Mr Sunshine is as high in the sky as the UK in July. Along with growing heat… And birds already nesting…

As I write this bathed in ABSOLUTE PEACE AND QUIET sat on the front patio at 8pm, the sun has set and we’re already bordering on wonderful, lingering, humidity. Still 21 degrees C, with no wind or breeze.

Please excuse me, I can not elaborate, there is no need!

Note: Even though they’re building those villa’s nearby with a crane that sounds like a parrot on heat, (in heat?) The workmen aren’t allowed “on site” at weekends. Phew, we get a two day siesta…

But it’s not just about the weather, there’s much more to it. The outdoor lifestyle, healthy food, and being surrounded by truly stunning scenery on the doorstep is a permanent wonder to behold, every day. Let’s not forget good friends to socialise with, any time of any day with no appointment in the diary required.

There must be only a handful of places on earth where there’s Blue Flag beaches, deep valleys, miles of hills full of green trees all year round, vineyards, orange groves, and mountains in the distance – all within a three mile radius of your home. Even though they continue way beyond it…

Oh, and those mountains “where the sea should be” contribute to the micro climate here…

2 thoughts on “It’s Been A Year!

  1. Ola Paul and El,

    Well, there's two ways of looking at it! Here, time does fly, but last year when we had to be in the UK for a few months, well that felt like about 3 years! No big deal in hindsight, nothing worth it comes easy.

    Been following your blog, and we both sincerely hope your new plans become your new, and wonderful reality.

    Lots of love, Heth and Dave xxx


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