Uh Oh, Power Outage

Well I don’t like keep BANGING on about that small building site with the BIG crane nearby. But it has to be stated on the electrical record somewhere…

Current state, excuse pun…


And then there’s this piece of land, the other side of a valley where yet another swimming pool and another couple of villas will be built, without knocking the trees down…


So this morning the electric was off for two hours, it came back on for three hours, then went off again this afternoon for another two hours…

Highly suspicious, the wipe out covered quite a large area so we went through a vague process of elimination:

a) They’d cut through a major underground power cable by mistake…

b) Occasionally overloading the grid network? Sounds good in theory, but not not possible, they’re using generators the size of elephants. Besides I haven’t seen any household plug sockets in the fencing… 

c) Even more likely, because the power cuts were at set times, they were connecting the two supplies under (or around) the valley…

Our council rep was semi-seriously on the case without any definitive answers, but who gives a toss anyway? This is Spain, it’s 6.30pm now and we’re back online again, it didn’t matter much while we weren’t.

More importantly, when everything’s off and “one’s” house is boringly dead, and “one” has nothing in the diary for today, “one” can be located outside anyway. It’s been a steady 28 degrees C in the sun, (REALLY – IN MARCH). What influence does a power cut make to life in general? None.

So all the neighbours who were around at the time walked down to the local bar to sit outside in the warmth of the heat, and spend a social afternoon with everyone else. All of whom had the same idea due to the same problem… Any excuse…

What with all the “buzz stuff” that keeps the world turning, lack of domestic access due to the following symptoms could be cause for mayhem in some parts:

  • Fridge freezer off.
  • Cooker off.
  • Dishwasher off.
  • Lights off.
  • Washer off.
  • Dryer off.
  • Unheated water.
  • No element of warmth, (don’t make me laugh).
  • Wi Fi and all it’s connected devices off.
  • Internet enabled phones off.
  • Sophisticated TV systems (we hardly ever watch) off.
  • Fans off.
  • A/C off.

But not here, all of the above, yet it doesn’t matter…

[Communications were well and truly down when we noticed both our mobile phone battery’s were dead too]

As per norm, there’s more to this story than meets the naked flame eye:

I can proudly (?) announce that this is the first time we’ve experienced a power cut IN A HOUSE for about 10 years. I remember it well, the washer was on, then went off, the central heating was on, and then went off. It was bloody freezing. Candles were required because it was dark, but we couldn’t locate a torch to find them with… Ironically, it happened in March in the UK. How could I possibly remember the date too? Well it was my friend’s birthday and the party was also OFF… 

Having lived on a boat for 8 of those years, if the landline crashed, (which it did regularly), there was battery power on-board to last 2 – 3 days.

However, there’s absolutely no comparison. An extremely rare couple of hours with a power starved house in the sun is far superior…

Just as an added extra or two, on our walk down to the bar we noticed the first visible cicada of the year. We’ve heard a few already, but this one must’ve gotten outside of it’s comfort zone. 

Perhaps it thought that there leaf was a prospective mate, it certainly appeared to be making advances…


  Then in total contrast there’s this…


Turns out the owner of this spectacular Harley Davidson was also without power to his house,, but obviously not between his legs… Oh my, did I really say that…?

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