Yet Another Hidden Gem

This is our little “watering hole” we stop off at after going for a walk to the gorgeous garden centre, about about a mile from home… [I say gorgeous because it has happy plants with every colour of the rainbow a’ blooming, whatever time of year]

Photos taken yesterday from further down, at the hidden oasis for humans who walk back with flora and fauna to carry – or don’t…


Note: Yes, that’s a perfectly shiny tarmacked country road beyond the sun umbrella, with on average, one car per minute going past – and that’s when it’s busy. Find the pothole? There aren’t any…

Across the other side it drops down into valley’s and hills beyond, covering the equivalent size of a large county in the UK. Without any eyesores…

Just a small section of what goes on for miles and miles, lush and green all year round…

2014-08-21 14.24.11

No, it can’t be built on, and there’s vineyards in there too. All that glory just around the corner from us. It’s next to the Med and there’s views like this all over Spain. Well respected, whilst at the same time just considered NORMAL… 

A far cry from a trip to a National Park in the UK that requires transport,, a calendar,, a sat nav,, and checking out the weather forecast for what to wear. (Whichever time of year).

Meanwhile, back at the hidden watering hole across the little road:  

Dave contemplating the menu, while cool drinks sit on the table…


Oh, Hello…!


It’s also got an 18 hole crazy golf course, but this is winter, and it’s a cool 27 degrees C in the sun, so…


To be fair, the kiddies are all back at school now after half term. However, it’s still a hidden gem because there’s only people round here know about it…! We only discovered the place because some friends live just round the corner…

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