Our New High End, Low Slung Automobile

And here it is, sat on the drive waiting for a lawn mower engine to be fitted:




Till then, I sit in the darn thing and Dave drives it…

So get real, why did we hire take a trolley from Aldi and walk a mile home (uphill) with it?

Well, the only thing missing from our shed full of chairs and tools is a pair of step ladders, the multi-functional sort that you can make works of art from. All of a sudden there they were, sat in an aisle saying “I know you want me, but try carrying me back without requiring emergency medical treatment afterwards, if you dare.”

We debated the possibility of whether to nick a trolley or not, the outcome was a unanimous “Sod it, go for it.” In addition, they {the ladders} were 20 euros cheaper than when we first noticed them last week. But that wasn’t the real issue, getting them home was.

The work of art in it’s new abode, {the shed} still unpacked…


Must be a man thing, he HAS to have them, but as yet there’s no USE for them…

Now if La Guardia had sauntered past us with our new mode of transport, I’m certain they would’ve stopped us. HOWEVER it would most likely be an open and shut case of: “If you take the trolley back, we’ll bung your purchases in the boot and give you a lift home, free of charge.[In Spanish using sign language] Puny pun also included…

With all due respect, the local cops are shrewd and efficient, yet they have an easy life round here because there’s no such thing as crime. Sometimes they cruise past doing the “goodwill” thing, just to reassure the neighbourhood they’re ready to serve and protect at a moment’s notice. No doubt three cars would turn up all at once to solve the case of “The missing hanging basket.”

Whilst on the subject we actually had our second “innocent run in” with them the other night.

There we were staggering walking home from the bar at some ungodly hour, and the only car that went past us was a cop car – with the usual two cops in it. They both did the wave thing with a straight hand, (uh oh) so we did the same while wearing cheesy grins. Dave reckoned if we had been apprehended, it would only be to ask which football team we supported…

However, on a serious note it’s common knowledge that there’s no “softly softly” approach to any kind of offence anywhere. And La Guardia are well respected by Joe Public for it.

I kid ye not though,, in this region it must be such a happy stress free job they have amidst sun, scenery, and blue blue sea. Oh and don’t forget the extra bonus of smooth roads, without potholes, and without much traffic, (countrywide), so they can just glide along. [No broken suspension on the car or blisters on the bum to cope with] So basically,, in our little corner of the world they have nothing much to bother about in the traditional sense.


Yes we will be returning the trolley, there’s 50 cents to reclaim when it gets locked up in it’s rightful place behind another one…

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