Freak Weather

Sandy Rain

To coin the old phrase “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.” Well it might rhyme nicely, except it’s “mainly on the mountains.”

Whoever made that daft saying up also failed to share what can happen near the sea…

So here’s one of my own phrases cashed and coined:

“The rain on the coast dries mainly like toast.”

Thankfully the following mess only happens when there’s a stiff breeze at the same time. In the grand scheme of things, the two meeting up together (or even apart) is extremely rare, on a par with winning the lottery.

Watch the rain fall from the windy sky and it looks nice and clean. A downpour even dries up within an hour. BUT leaves it’s mark, everywhere it lands.

No, I’m not afraid to reveal the hardships of living on the Costa Blanca…


The curly stairs…


The tradesman’s entrance…


These tiles here look like they’ve escaped it…


But they haven’t…


Even the gates don’t…


Neither does the table…


Not a pretty sight…



The balcony off the master bedroom is even worse, and the roof terrace looks like a sandpit. We all have our own ways of dealing with the mess. A good hardy broom, or a hosepipe, or a power washer, or all three…

Think I’ve mentioned before how the odd windy day in the calendar can turn innocent, inanimate objects into missiles.

Why? People have all sorts of stuff in their gardens because a garden is an extension of indoors. Therefore we harbour the likes of furnishings and other attractive features outside. None of which need to be securely fixed for 99.9999% of the time, so they aren’t. Yet under such alien conditions they suddenly become capable of flight.

A fine example was the “flying gazebo,” all we could see was the roof of it flapping about wildly. “It’s gonna go! It’s gonna go!” Thing is, we were only referring to the top —- till the whole structure took off into the ether. Hilarious to watch, yet potentially disastrous if it hit someone.

No wonder everyone hunkers down indoors for the duration,, you take your life in your hands if you walk outside. I suspect that because it’s such a freak thing, everyone thinks their own outdoor front room, bedroom, (and wicker chairs / table / cushions / pot plants on the roof) will be safe. If someone else’s accoutrements might not be, we’re all aware of that…

So us two here knew this was coming in, and spent half an hour closing all the shutters down. I mean nothing could crack a triple glazed window, could it? Better to be safe than sorry…

What we consider “bad weather” isn’t really, but there was a hell of a lot of banging and crashing going on yesterday.

Oh it’s a hard life! Says she, tongue in cheek…

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